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Midwife Services

Multiples Canterbury no longer lists or endorses any individual midwife.  Please refer to your doctor's advice or better yet, ask a friend for their recommendations.

Questions to ask when choosing a Midwife for your multiple birth:


  • Are you a member of the New Zealand College of Midwives?
  • Is your practice reviewed annually through the New Zealand College of Midwives’ Standards Review Process.
  • How many multiple pregnancies have you cared for?
  • How many women do you book each month? (NZCOM recommends 4-6 per month).
  • Who is your midwife partner?
  • Will your partner provide back up and how do you work together?
  • When will I have the opportunity to get to know her as well?
  • What birthing options do you offer?
  • If consultation with an obstetrician or specialist is required, what are my options and thecosts involved?
  • Where do you provide antenatal visits?
  • What kind of antenatal care can I expect?
  • What are your beliefs about pregnancy and birth?

Labour and Birth:

  • What birthing options do you offer for multiples?
  • What hospitals do you have access to?
  • Do you come to my home in labour?
  • What equipment do you carry?
  • If while in labour I need care from and obstetrician how will it be arranged?
  • Under what circumstances would my care be handed over to the hospital staff?
  • If I need an induction, epidural or C-section will you continue to provide my care?
  • If my labour is long who will relieve you?
  • Is there any differences in the hospital process when dealing with the birth of multiples and what can we expect?

After the Birth:

  • How often do you visit after the birth?
  • How many weeks do you visit after the birth? (NZCOM recommends up to 4 to 6 weeks following the birth).
  • If I need to be in hospital for a few days after the birth, will you visit me there?
  • What will your role be?
  • Do you refer to other health professionals and support groups?  For example:  PlunketLa Leche LeagueGeneral PraticionersMultiple Birth Club (Adapted from NZCOM Pamphlet with Thanks)



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