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Fun Stuff

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Interesting fact! 
Some streets have more multiples than their fair share 
Perry Street ==== 2 sets of multiples 
Waiau Street ==== 2 sets of multiples 
Clare Road ==== 2 sets of multiples 
Maidstone Ave ==== 2 sets of multiples 
Rocking Horse Road ==== 3 sets of multiples

Is there something in the water? or is it the dairy products?


75% increase in twin births between 1980 and 2003! Now that's in the health "crazy" US of A. Check out page 31 in Issue #118 Eat more meat!


EPIGENETICS - Identical multiples are different - how do you think parents tell them apart? 
See why here


Good twin, bad twin? Partners in crime? No child is all good or all bad. When one acts devilish the other is the angel, yea right! and I just thought it was always double delight.


Twins have ESP, intriguing but NOT a fact.


Zygosity - monozygotic - dizygotic.............? 


Left Hand/Right Hand

fact Less than 10% of the population is left handed 
fact 50% more left handed males than females 
fact 20% of all identical twins have one right handed twin and one left handed twin


Identical fingerprints?

fact NO! 
Want to know why?


Q. How many twins or multiple births can you have? 
A. Heaps!

This is scary?


Did you know " Andy Garcia, the actor who has starred in movies such as The Godfather, Part 3 (1994) and Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (1995), was born with his twin attached to his shoulder in Cuba in 1956. The twin was no bigger than a tennis ball and was removed by surgeons minutes after birth." 
Twins in the News


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